Discover the ONE Simple Shift missing for 97% of Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs (even if you've tried every course under the sun and business is still a rollercoaster) 

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About Anna Shilina

Anna Shilina, founder of Akuna X, is a human behaviour specialist, author and speaker. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and their teams with productivity, creativity, problem-solving, cash flow and creating more free time to do the things they love.

About the Training

Lemme guess, you became an entrepreneur so that you can have more FREE TIME. But instead you're stuck in the daily minutia? Let's fix that.

As a future-focused entrepreneur, you're probably looking for more time, money and skills. This training will show you the step-by-step process to create a business that's PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE and SCALABLE with one simple shift.

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This could be for you if you

✅ Often get "over it" and have private fantasies of selling it all, but secretly know that you wouldn't be able to sell your business.

✅ Want to operate with ease, but struggle to get into flow.

✅ Easily get distracted and end your days not sure if you've moved the needle forward.

✅ Set goals and you achieve them but the wins don't last very long.

✅ Have a hard time letting go of the reigns and trusting their people.

This is NOT for you if you

❌ Enjoy the daily rush and putting out fires is where you like to spend your time.

❌ Nail every strategy you implement and everything you touch turns to gold.

❌ Want to continue to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

❌ End each work day feeling like you've mastered it.

Epic Humans we've worked with

Dan & Robby

"Our agency went from $20k to $145k/ month within just 6 months. We have an amazing team! You're so frikken good at helping us lead and manage our remote team." 

Cat Howell

"Anna Shilina has been instrumental in my success, helping me to navigate steep valleys — not only in a business context but also as a friend."


"Best in the business!"

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